Friday, April 12, 2013

DIY: lamp shade - all that glitters

after several moves, i've had to replace the lamp shades on two of my laps. they sat pretty bare for awhile, as i had no intention nor motivation to add some personality to it.

one day, i was at home with nothing to do, and had some cardboard boxes laying around, so i grabbed the lamp shade.. set it on top of the flattened cardboard.. grabbed some modge podge sealant spray.. and my container of silver glitter. 

lamp shade: Target / all other items easily found at your local Michael's store
*note* you can use a glitter finishing spray, too.  the glitter effect is a  lot softer and lighter.  i wanted it to pop so i opted for the glitter and modge podge.

1. i sprayed the inside of my shade with the modge podge sealant spray
2. dropped the glitter inside, and shook it around to cover everything i needed.
3. repeat
4. on the final layer, spray the modge podge sealent for the finish

it's seriously as easy as 1 - 2 - 3... 4

join mean next time when i show you what i did with the outside of the lamp shade.

thanks for stopping by!

<3, roe [flan remix]


  1. can we get a shot of it with your light on? i'm so curious! :D

    1. right! good idea, i'll have to get that up :D